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Partnership with SB Axxess


Locals and tourists can now get discounts, 2-for-1 specials and even free offers from Lompoc businesses when they use the 20-year-old SB Axxess program; Lompoc is one of the last communities in Santa Barbara County to use the app-based coupons.

The new non-profit business league, known as the Lompoc Independent Business Alliance, announced today that its members can receive a 15% discount when signing up for the venerable SB Axxess program. IBA members can set up promotions on the phones of thousands of locals and tourists as early as the next business day after registering for the program.

“I’ve always loved the SB Axxess app as a consumer and I always wondered why there are offers everywhere in Santa Barbara County but not here in Lompoc. So after talking with SB Axxess, we arranged a discount to jump-start businesses here to use the program,” enthused Joseph Dowdy, co-founder of the Lompoc IBA. “They showed me live statistics of restaurant sales in Solvang and it’s clear that this program really works and you can see who your customers are by their zip code. This is ideal for any community that has a tourism trade like Lompoc.”

“We’re happy to make our services available at a discount to members of the Lompoc IBA,” added SB Axxess program founder and UCSB graduate Karim Kaderali. “This is our way of showing support to a great non-profit that is dedicated to helping local businesses and their community.”

“This is an absolute savings for any Lompoc business that wants to use the app to grab the attention of locals and tourists visiting Lompoc to come into their restaurant or their store. It only costs $99 to sign up to be a member of the Lompoc IBA which helps them save a generous 15% to be a part of the SB Axxess app. It’s a clear savings!”

The SB Axxess program is also an excellent fundraising tool for schools and non-profits. Thousands of dollars are raised every year by the sale of the Axxess Memberships which not only offer local specials but also discounts on theme parks such as Knott’s Berry Farm and LEGOLAND, major aquariums and zoos; they also sell movie passes and gift certificates.

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