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Murals are great reminders of the lasting power of  positive action, creativity and teamwork. We see leadership as the quality of taking actions no one else is taking. We hear concerns, discuss what actions no one is taking and then vote on what we can do. In this way, we become the solution. We exercise positive action that promotes a positive vision of Lompoc.


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About Us

We are a growing concern of local business owners.

Some of us are local franchisees. Some of us are headquartered close by with a location in Lompoc. Most of us are small to medium business owners with a primary office in Lompoc. Most of us live here. It is our belief it is up to us to affect the change we seek.

Our mission is to serve local businesses and the citizens of Lompoc in two ways:

1. To lead with common sense for the common good.

2. To promote a positive vision for Lompoc.

Joseph Dowdy
(the guy spearheading this effort)

Contact us

Contact us if you have questions but if you are here to join us then click on the first link below…